Buy To Let Mortgage Calculator – Interest Only

Our helpful calculator is designed to assist you in estimating your monthly mortgage payment and determining your borrowing capacity.

Buy To Let Mortgage Calculator – Interest Only


Please note that the information provided here, including the calculator and commentary, is intended for informational purposes only. It may not be up-to-date or comprehensive, and its applicability may be limited to specific types of residential properties in England and Northern Ireland. This information should not be construed as advice.


Consolidation could be a viable option if you currently hold multiple buy-to-let mortgages. By consolidating multiple debts into one property loan, it may be possible to reduce overall payments, particularly if you’ve dealt with various interest rates in the past. Specialist property accountants can provide detailed advice on available options.

Regarding interest-only buy-to-let mortgages, the borrower is required to repay the full borrowed amount at the end of the mortgage term. Throughout the mortgage term, monthly interest payments are made, deferring the total loan repayment until the term’s conclusion. Lenders typically notify borrowers well in advance of the term’s end and issue a redemption statement outlining the repayment amount.

The deposit required for a buy-to-let interest-only mortgage varies among lenders. Most lenders mandate a deposit, with lending amounts determined based on factors like rental income and interest rates. Many buy-to-let lenders assess lending capacity using an interest cover formula, typically requiring rental income to cover a certain percentage (e.g., 125% to 140%) of interest payments.

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Buy-to-Let Mortgage Calculator