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Starting your own business can be incredibly fulfilling, almost akin to the joys of parenthood (just kidding!). It can feel like your own precious baby, requiring your constant attention, care, and financial investment to keep it thriving. However, similar to raising children, there may be challenges to overcome, such as navigating the complexities of Corporation Tax. It’s crucial to avoid overpaying or, even worse, facing hefty fines for underpaying.
Unlike other taxes, you won’t receive a bill for Corporation Tax from HMRC. Instead, you’ll need to keep detailed accounting records and prepare your own tax return for your company. If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to give us a call. In the meantime, we’ve provided some helpful guidance below.

What is Corporation Tax?

Corporation Tax is indeed paid to HMRC based on the profits your business has generated, including any profits earned from company investments. Unlike personal income tax, there are no personal allowances available for Corporation Tax. This means that your company’s profits are subject to Corporation Tax at the applicable rate, without any deductions or exemptions based on personal circumstances.

Who pays Corporate Tax?

Any active UK limited companies that have made a profit will need to pay Corporation Tax. Public Liability Companies (PLCs), unincorporated associations, and some clubs and membership organisations will also need to pay Corporate Tax. If you’re not sure which category you fit into, then please check – better to be safe than sorry.

    Why is Corporate Tax planning important?

    Corporate Tax planning has a straightforward objective: to reduce your tax liability and increase your profitability. However, it also serves a more fundamental purpose of ensuring that your
    business complies with tax regulations, has a clear understanding of its financial position, and can take advantage of available tax relief and credits.
    Without accurate records of your Corporate Tax payments, it’s difficult to assess whether there are more tax-efficient ways to boost your profits. Achieving financial success is not as straightforward as generating more sales, which is why meticulous Corporate Tax planning should be integrated into your overall financial strategy.

    How much is Corporate Tax?

    For the financial year spanning from 6th April 2020 to 5th April 2021, the Corporation Tax rate in the UK was 19%. This means that companies are required to pay Corporation Tax at a rate of 19% on their taxable profits earned during this period.

    What do Corporate Tax Planning services include?

    We are dedicated to ensuring that your business pays the correct amount of Corporation Tax, without overpaying a single penny. We understand the importance of timely payment and will assist you in meeting your payment obligations promptly. Our tax experts will also keep you informed about any industry-specific tax reliefs that your business may be eligible for.
    Above all, we prioritize compliance and ensuring that everything is in order when it comes to Corporate Tax. Compliance is paramount, and we will work closely with you to ensure that all tax regulations are adhered to. While paying Corporation Tax is a legal requirement, we will ensure that the process is as streamlined and hassle-free as possible for your business.

    What is the process for calculating Corporate Tax?

    Get your calculators ready, but don’t rely on them entirely. To get an idea of how much Corporation Tax you will need to pay, take your profit, divide it by 100, and then multiply the result by 19. While this will provide an estimate, it’s essential to keep in mind that calculating Corporation Tax is usually more complex, and adjustments may need to be made to arrive at the accurate figure.

    Therefore, it’s always wise to seek guidance from an accountant to ensure that your calculations are accurate before submitting anything to HMRC. Speaking to an accountant can provide you with greater confidence that your tax affairs are in order, and you’re fulfilling your obligations accurately.

    Get in touch with MyTaxDoc for expert advice on tax planning.

    Making an investment in Corporate Tax planning today can relieve you of any future dread associated with paying Corporation Tax. You can rest assured that you’re paying your taxes in the most tax-efficient way possible, leaving you confident and stress-free. It’s important to remember that even a minor mistake on your company tax return can lead to significant expenses and complications later on.
    If you’re interested in learning more about how MyTaxDoc can assist with Corporate Tax planning, please get in touch with us through our contact page or by calling us on 0800 009 6441.
    We would be delighted to help you navigate your tax affairs efficiently and effectively.
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