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Birmingham’s best accountants for landlords

Welcome to MyTaxDoc, your ultimate guide through the twists and turns of property tax, bookkeeping, and accounting. Whether you’re cosying up in a charming Airbnb or commanding a sleek commercial space, owning property has its perks—and yes, a pile of paperwork too. Fear not! We swoop in to fine-tune your tax situation, ensuring everything is perfectly tailored to your needs, leaving you cool, calm, and collected.

Accountants for Landlords

Navigating Rental Taxes? Let’s Make It a Breeze!

Is Buy-to-Let Still Worth the Buzz?

Absolutely! Despite the rollercoaster of recent events, the UK’s buy-to-let market remains a steadfast investment. Changes like the finale of mortgage interest relief and tweaks in Capital Gains Tax? No sweat—with us, you’re perpetually in the loop and mastering your financial game.

Tax Bands and Rates—Simplified: Curious about how rental income gets taxed (aside from our friends in Scotland, who march to their own beat ?    Here’s the breakdown:

Tax RateIncome BandWhat It Means
0%Up to £12,570Personal Allowance
20%£12,571 to £37,700Basic Rate
40%£37,701 to £112,300Higher Rate
45%Over £150,000Top Tier Stuff

Stamp Duty Scoop for Buy-to-Let:

  • Up to £500,000 – A nifty 3%
  • £500,001 to £925,000 – Ramping up to 8%
  • Above that, it escalates, peaking at 15% over £1.5m.

Council Tax—Who’s Sorting It? Usually, it’s on the tenant, but there are exceptions, like in Houses in Multiple Occupation or when your property is temporarily unoccupied.

Why MyTaxDoc Absolutely Rocks for Landlords:

  • Expert Guidance: We effortlessly navigate the complexities of property taxation.
  • Time-Saving Services: Leave the number-crunching to us; you’ve got a property empire to run!
  • Bespoke Solutions Just for You: Here at MyTaxDoc, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic tax planning, every service is crafted to fit your unique situation like a glove.

Our Tailored Offerings:

What We DoWhy It’s Awesome
HMRC RegistrationSetting up? We handle it swiftly and smoothly.
Main Residence ElectionMultiple properties? We’ll guide you on which one should get the tax perks.
Accounts and Tax ReturnsSpot-on and timely, ensuring you’re getting all the financial benefits you’re entitled to.
Special Schemes Like FHLGot a holiday gem? We’re masters of the game, keeping you ahead.
Advice on Sales and CGTSelling up? We’ll make those capital gains calculations sleek and stress-free.

Ready to turn the chore of taxes into something a tad more thrilling? Get in touch with MyTaxDoc, and let’s tailor your financial journey to be as smooth and personalised as your favourite cocktail! For direct assistance, please contact us.

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