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Who We Serve

MyTaxDoc Accountants & Tax Advisors is an innovative and approachable accounting firm dedicated to transforming the accounting landscape for our clients. With extensive expertise across a variety of sectors, we ensure accounting is not just about numbers but about fostering growth and opportunity.

Our Services

We cater to a dynamic range of clients, from healthcare professionals and non-resident landlords to tech contractors and burgeoning SMEs. At MyTaxDoc, versatility is our strength. Whether you are a pioneering start-up making your initial mark, a dedicated professional in the healthcare industry, or managing a portfolio of properties across the globe, we tailor our services to fit your unique needs.

Who We Help

Healthcare Professionals

From dentists to physiotherapists, we provide specialised financial guidance to keep your practice in peak financial health

Landlords & Property Managers

Our accounting services streamline your property management, ensuring you’re profitable and compliant with current tax laws.

Tech and Cyber Contractors

Our forward-thinking financial strategies are designed to keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech sector.

SMEs & Startups

We empower small to medium-sized businesses and startups with financial strategies that save time, enhance profitability, and ensure business longevity.

eCommerce & Retail

From managing complex transactions to handling VAT and payment systems, our services simplify the financial complexities of online business.

Sole Trader Accountants

We lift the financial management burden from sole traders with tailored services that make day-to-day operations smoother.

Limited Companies

Our expertise in managing the finances of limited companies helps drive your business forward using insightful data analytics.

Partnership Accounting

We ensure that partnerships maintain financial transparency and meet all statutory requirements with ease.

Accountants for Landlords

Specialised in managing finances for landlords, we make property management easy and compliant.

Accounting for Influencers

We handle the financial intricacies for influencers, allowing them to focus on creativity while remaining profitable and compliant.

Why Choose MyTaxDoc?

Empowering Your Financial Journey

Professional & Warm:  Combining professionalism with a personal touch, we make accounting accessible and stress-free.

Experienced & Insightful:  Decades of experience across various sectors equip us to handle all your financial queries, no matter how complex.

Cost-Effective & Transparent:  We believe in providing exceptional value—high-quality services at a fair price.

Ready to Transform Your Accounting Experience?

You entered your profession to pursue your passion, not to worry about taxes and compliance. Let’s start with a FREE discovery call. No obligation, just a chance to learn how much easier your financial management can be with MyTaxDoc.